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Harvesting eggs and health

Dear Meghan, Ana, Lindsey, and Duane,

We typically feature mothers as the primary recipients of our gifts as they are the caregivers attending training, cultivating home gardens, and feeding their children. However, when Emmanuel came to pick up chickens on behalf of his family on our livestock delivery day, we couldn’t have been more proud. Emmanuel’s family joined the Gardens for Health program in Rwanda when his younger brother was diagnosed with severe acute malnutrition.

With your support, we were able to provide the family with seeds for nutritious crops for three seasons, two chickens for laying eggs, regular home visits for technical agricultural assistance, and participation in sixteen education sessions on the causes of and solutions to malnutrition. Now Emmanuel’s brother is no longer severely malnourished, and meanwhile, Emmanuel will be starting school this month.

Thank you for supporting Emmanuel, his brother and the whole family!

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